Short Cold Shoulder Sweater Dress 3 Colors

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Long sleeved, cold shoulder dress, in a lightweight knit. Mini length

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Size           Length                Bust                     Sleeve   

S          64.5cm/25.39"     98cm/38.58"        70cm/27.56"   

M         65cm/25.59"       103cm/40.55"       70.5cm/27.76"   

L          65.5cm/25.79"     108cm/42.52"       71cm/27.95"   

XL        66cm/25.98"       113cm/44.49"       71.5cm/28.15" 

2XL      66.5cm/26.18"     118cm/46.46"       72cm/28.35"   

3XL      67cm/26.38"       123cm/48.43"       72.5cm/28.54"